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Comoros Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

USURI expertise and ethics in the production of Ylang-Ylang essential oil make it a first choice partner for cosmetics laboratories, fragrance houses and aromatherapy specialists.


Genesis of a myth

Ylang-Ylang, native to the Philippines, was introduced into Comoros in 1909. It naturally bloomed in this ecosystem ideal for its growth: hot and wet climate, with a highly porous rocky soil.
Comoros quickly became the first producer of Ylang-Ylang essential oil in the world, with a quality that attracted the greatest perfumers. That’s how Comoros Ylang-Ylang was selected in 1921, alongside Jasmine from Grasse, to create the juice of Chanel N°5 mythical perfume.

Growing & harvesting

Recolte d'Ylang-YlangThe amazing quality of Comoros Ylang-Ylang essential oil comes not only from the nature of its soil and its climate, but also from a preserved traditional know-how. Nowadays, ripe flowers are still hand picked, at dawn, when their aroma is the most intense, and immediately carried to neighbouring distilleries in coconut leaf baskets. The choice of the ripest flowers (radiant yellow, with a carmine heart) and the speed of picking and delivery are paramount for the final product quality. Fresh flowers are then placed in a still with water: now begins the distillation process that will allow the extraction of essential oil.

Fractional distillation

A fire is set under the still, creating water steam that will gradually carry up the flowers active principles. About 360 g of flowers are needed to get a 10 ml bottle of Complete essential oil.

Fractional distillation, which is the retrieval throughout the distillation process of different grades of essential oils, allows to produce the 5 qualities listed on the market: Extra Superior, Extra, Ist, IInd and IIIrd. The Extra Superior and Extra qualities, respectively retrieved after a few minutes and more than an hour of distillation, are highly valued by perfumers as they are the most scented. However, they are too concentrated to be used in aromatherapy diffusion or in skin care. The following grades, Ist, IInd and IIIrd, are successively extracted every 2 hours, and their concentration in actives gets lower and lower.

A continuous distillation for more than 10 hours, with no fractioning, allows to produce Complete essential oil, the most valued in aromatherapy and in cosmetics as it contains all of the flowers active molecules. It is equivalent to the sum of all 5 fractions named above.

USURI offers professionals the 5 qualities of Comoros Ylang-Ylang essential oil, as well as the Complete one, for which it has become one of the few specialists on the market. Wholesale prices are offered for every minimum order of 5 kg / 11 lb.

Traceability, quality & security

Wassilati Mbae, creator of USURI, attends every distillation on site. She personally controls every production of essential oil to make sure that the distillation duration matches the quality claimed, and to avoid all risks of falsification.

SwisseoUSURI has selected SWISSEO organization, 4th worlwide certifier of essential oils,  to control and validate the quality of its Ylang-Ylang essential oil. More thorough than the random sampling that most organizations carry out, SWISSEO certifies EACH AND EVERY BATCH, using a chromatography performed by an independant French laboratory.

ELastly, USURI Ylang-Ylang essential oil complies with IFRA (International Frangrance Association) standards. The IFRA has issued a Code of Practice (available on website) that forbids or limits the use of some compounds considered as dangerous for men or for the environment. Respecting these standards is an additional guarantee of security.

Huile Essentielle d'Ylang-Ylang Complète USURI

Focus on Complete Essential Oil

Botanical name: Cananga Odorata Hook & Thomson
Country of origin: Comoros
Extraction process: steam distillation
Quality: complete
Parts used: flower
Family: annonacea
Farming: eco-friendly

Organoleptic properties:

Appearence: clear liquid
Colour: pale yellow
Odour: soft, floral jasmine

Chemotype: alpha-farnesene 23%, germacrene-D 20.4%, benzyle benzoate 6.4%

Aromatherapeutic and cosmetic properties:

Ylang-Ylang Complete essential oil is particularly suited to aromatherapy thanks to its relaxing, hypotensive and antispasmodic actions. It helps reach a state of insouciance and euphoria that promotes the relief of intellectual and emotional tensions caused by stress or fear. These properties make it a recognized aphrodisiac, that stimulates the exchange of caresses and sensuality.

Ylang-Ylang Complete essential oil is also beneficial for local application, diluted in a vegetable oil base. Its exceptional results on skin regeneration and on hair growth come from a double activity: on the one hand it soothes and balances sebum secretions, and on the other hand it stimulates and tones the cells. It is the ideal essential oil for a massaging balm, a hair tonic or an anti-ageing serum.


For adults only. Keep away from children.
Contraindicated during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
No oral use unless prescribed by a doctor.
Do not apply pure essential oil on sensitive skin.
Before using any preparation that contains essential oil, make a test spot in the inside fold of the elbow.
For application on facial skin, do not exceed a dilution of 0.5 to 1.5%